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To receive credit:

  1. Choose four hour’s worth of the below material.
  2. Put at least 12 pearls/pro-tips/factoids you learned into your House spreadsheet.

Remember that your entries will be used for the competition questions, so make sure you know things the other House’s don’t!

  • Resources are sorted from shortest to longest credit. (AKA most ADD-friendly to least ADD-friendly!).
  • Times are derived from estimated reading/listening/viewing times rounded slightly upwards on average to account for comprehension time.
  • 🔊-Podcast        🗞-Blog        📽-Video       🗞-Blog/Article
-Author: Dr. Jon Smart
-Last Update: November 2017


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1. 🔊 (10 Minutes): EMRAP– “A Really Bad Poke in the Eye” (Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Shooting darts at the bar after a shift and hit a human-eye rather than a bull’s eye? No worries! Let the EMRAP guys walk you through managing foreign bodies in eyeballs.

2. 🗞 (10 Minutes): LifeInTheFastLane – “Half an Eight Ball”
  • Holy Hyphema’s Batman! Check out basic hyphema management over at LitFL

3.  🗞 (10 Minutes): LifeintheFastLane – “Bashed, Blind, and Bulging”
  • I love our ophthalmology friends, but you likely won’t have them around 100% of your career. Are you ready for the traumatic, bulging eye?

4. 🗞 (15 Minutes): CoreEM: “Traumatic Ocular Injuries”
  • Take your traumatic eye management a few steps further from calling optho and saying “Yeah… his eye looks suuuuper gross. Can you come in?”

5. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs – “Pearls & Pitfalls of Acute Vision Loss”
  • Check out this excellent overview of how to evaluate vision loss in the ED over at EMDocs.

6. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCases Journal Jam 6 – “Outpatient Topical Anesthetics for Corneal Abrasions”
  • Your pt is begging you to send them home with that left over tetracaine for their corneal abrasion? Is this taboo like we’ve been taught in the past? Find out in this great discussion! iTunes.

7. 🔊 (25 Minutes): FOAMCAST Episode #58 – “Ophthalmology”.   Website.   and   iTunes.
  • The FOAMCast duo don’t turn a blind eye to core eye content. Check in here for an approach to evaluation of eyes in the ED.

8. 📽 (30 Minutes): Anatomy For Emergency Medicine, The Eye
  • Want a silky smooth Irish voice to guide you through the eye’s anatomy with a focus on how it relates to complaints in Emergency Medicine? This 3 part video podcast is made for you.
  • Part 1: Website. and iTunes
  • Part 2: Website. and iTunes.
  • Part 3: Website. and iTunes.

9. 🔊 (60 Minutes): EMRAP – “More about the Eye” (Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Fantastic review of common eye complaints from the folks over at EMRAP.

10: 📑 (120 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 241 “Eye Emergencies”. (8th Edition: Pages 1541-1579)

11. 🗞 (150 Minutes): EBMedicine “An Evidence-Based Approach To Abnormal Vision”
  • Want to look like a rock star for that next vision loss pt you see in the eye room? Here’s your step-by-step “Impress an Opthomologist” handbook. You’re welcome.

12.  🗞(150 Minutes): EBMedicine “The Red Eye,The Swollen Eye, And Acute Vision Loss: Handling Non-Traumatic Eye Disorders In The ED”

A super gross, red eye just came into the ED. Like super gross. Like you kind of hope someone else picks up this pt so you don’t have to touch that thing. Here’s a comprehensive approach to super gross, red eyes for you.





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13. 🗞 (10 Minutes): EMDocs – “Acute Mastoiditis – Pearls and Pitfalls”
  •  Think it’s just otitis externa? Then a peek behind the ear makes you shriek? Be ready to manage mastoiditis with this EMDocs blog.

14. 🗞 (10 Minutes): RebelEM – “Topical Tranexamic Acid for Epistaxis or Oral Bleeds”
  • Stubborn nose or oral bleed… can I just smear some TXA on it and call it a day?

15. 🗞 (30 Minutes): Don’t Forget the Bubbles – Pediatric Ears
  • Have a little kiddo screaming every time you creep towards their ear with that otoscope? Brush up on your ear infection management with the St. Emlyn’s crew.
  • Part 1: “Otitis Media”
  • Part 2: “Otitis Externa”

16. 📑 (30 Minutes): Tintinalli’s Chapter 242″Ears Disorders” . (8th Edition: Pages 1579-1585)

17. 🗞 (120 Minutes): EBMedicine “Management of Acute Rhinosinusitis in Pediatric Patients”
  • Little kids pouring snot and complaining about sinus pain. Here’s your go-to plan.

18. 🗞 (150 Minutes): EBMedicine “An Evidence Based Approach to Managing Acute Otitis Media”
  • All your little kids with ear pain getting antibiotics? Let’s see if that’s the right choice.





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19. 📽 (5 Minutes): St Emyln’s “The Turban Technique”
  • Want your scalp bandages to not fall off as soon as you walk away from the pt?
20. 📽 (50 Minutes): Anatomy For Emergency Medicine: 3 Part Series on Facial Nerve Anatomy with a Focus on How to Perform Blocks.
  • Part 1: iTunes. The Trigeminal Nerve
  • Part 2: iTunes. The Mental Nerve.
  • Part 3: iTunes. The Infraorbital Nerve.
  • Part 4: iTunes. The Inferior Alveolar Nerve.
  • Part 5: iTunes. The Ear and Its Innervation

21.  🗞 (15 Minutes): EMDocs – “Facial Nerve Blocks”
  • Not quite sure where to stick your needle for that nerve block? Have a look over these methods at EMDocs.

22. 📑 (30 Minutes): Tintinalli’s Chapter 243″Face and Jaw Emergencies”. (8th Edition: Pages 1585-1591)

23. 🗞 (90 Minutes): EBMedicine “Fixing Faces Painlessly: Facial Anesthesia in Emergency Medicine”
  • I can’t feel my face when I’m with you… and I love it! Numb every part of that patient’s face like a pro.  





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24.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EPMonthly – “Managing Pott’s Puffy Tumor”
  • Not sure what Pott’s Puffy Tumor is? Slight suspicion it might be a questionable party dip? Well this article is for you!

25. 🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM – “Acute Rhino-sinusitis”.   Website.  and   iTunes.
  • Another patient coming in saying their sinusitis is flaring up? Antibiotics or no antibiotics? Find out over at this CoreEM podcast.

26. 🗞 (15 Minutes): EMDocs – “The Emergency Department Management of Posterior Epistaxis”
  • That nose bleed just won’t stop? Here is a great guide to approaching epistaxis.

27. 📑 (30 Minutes): Tintinalli’s Chapter 244″Nose and Sinuses”. (8th Edition: Pages 1591-1598)

28. 🔊 (60 Minutes): EMRAP C3  May 2017 “Epistaxis” (Will require your EMRAP Login)
  • Been craving a case based approach to epistaxis? The C3 crew over at EM:RAP have you covered. (These new C3 episodes are my new favorite method for rapid topic overviews, put together extremely well!)





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29.  🗞 (5 Minutes): ALiEM – “Diagnosis on Sight: Swollen Gums”
  • An interesting picture along with a quick audio clip explaining the condition and things to consider.

30.  🗞 (5 Minutes): ALiEM – “Trick of the Trade – A Cleaner Way to Apply Dental Cement”
  • Have you read about using dental cement to repair a tooth, but have no idea how to actually perform the procedure? No worries, the team over at ALiEM have some tips to make you look like a pro.

31. 📽 (10 Minutes): TMJ Reduction techniques and Jaw fracture rule-out

32.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EverydayEBM – “On Broken Teeth – Emergency Management of Dental Fractures”
  • Can’t remember which tooth is #4 and which is #24? Able to spout off the Ellis classification of dental fractures? Sink your teeth into this review from the Wash U blog.

33.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EMBlog Mayo Clinic – “A Pain in the Neck – Ludwig’s Angina”
  • Don’t feel like rummaging around to find your well-worn copy of Wilhelm Frederick von Ludwig’s 1836 publication on this condition? No worries, check out this post

34.  🗞 (10 Minutes): CanadiEM – “Adult Epiglottitis: Not Just a Hot Potato”
  • Walk into the room to say hello and see the patient drooling into a cup and reply in a thick, muffled voice? Before your sphincters tighten, learn how to manage this airway emergency from our friends above the border.

35. 🔊 (15 Minutes): EMRAP – “Dental Infections” (Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • How do you manage periodical abscesses? Antibiotics or no?

36.  🗞 (15 Minutes): EMDocs – “Managing Dental Trauma in the Emergency Department”
  • Luxed? Subluxed? Who needs to see a dentist today and who can wait?

37. 🔊 (20 Minutes): CanadiEM – “Oral Medicine”.   Website.  and  iTunes.
  • Feel like a little core content from Rosens, but want to keep those sunglasses on by the pool? The CRACKCast have you covered with this run through of the mouth and all the ways it can cause trouble.
38. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMRAP – “Dental Pain” (Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • One of the most frustrating chief complaints because there is so little we can do to help our patients….or is there?

39. 🔊 (30 Minutes): FOAMCAST “Dental Emergencies”  Website.   and   iTunes. 
  • Want an approach to Dental Emergencies in the ED? FOAMCAST is there for you and your core content needs. 

 40: 📑 (80 Minutes): Tintinalli’s Chapter 245 “Oral and Dental Emergencies” (8th Edition: Pages 1598-1613)





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41.  🗞 (5 Minutes): Don’t Forget the Bubbles – “A Frog in Your Throat”
  • Need a refresher on some common pediatric throat complaints and their management? Check out this short and sweet summary from the DFTB’s crew.

42.  🗞 (5 Minutes): StEmlyn’s – “Torticollis”
  • Is that pediatric patient looking at you sideways… literally? Or the patient you just gave Reglan?

43. 📽 (10 Minutes): EMCrit – “Mind-Blowing Cricothyrotomy Video”
  • Hands down, my favorite video ever. Watch a cric be performed with such incredible video quality that you’ll check to make sure you have eye-protection on. 👀 How could it get any better? Scott Weingart walks you through this procedure with step-by-step tips and advice! This one is a must-see.

44.  🗞 (10 Minutes): ACEPNow

45.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EM Docs – “Strep Throat Mimics and Pitfalls”
  • You that patient with Strep Throat that you’re pretty sure you can just send home… but something feels off? The EMDocs team give a great run-down off some sneaky conditions not to miss.

46.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EverydayEBM – “The Times They are a Changin’: The ‘No Zone’ Approach to Management of Penetrating Neck Trauma”
  • Ah, another pt rolling in after being stabbed in the neck with a spork? The folks over at Wash U review the “zones of the neck” for trauma and what the current evidence says about this perspective.

47.  🗞 (10 Minutes): REBEL:EM – “Do Patients with Strep Throat Need to be Treated with Antibiotics?”
  • It’s a tale as old as time… strep throat should always get antibiotics, right? Check out the REBEL:EM post to see if the evidence supports this practice.

48.  🔊 (15 Minutes): CanadiEM – “SoreThroat”  Website. and iTunes
  • Feel like a little core content from Rosens, but want to keep those sunglasses on by the pool? The CRACKCast have you covered with this run through of the mouth and all the ways it can cause trouble.

49. 🔊 (15 Minutes): FOAMCast – “The Trachea” Website. and iTunes
  • A patient with a trach rolling in make you nervous? The FOAMCast duo breaks down what to do with a trach emergency… it’s like 2mg Ativan for your next trach patient.

50. 📽 (15 Minutes): Anatomy for Emergency Medicine – “Cricothroidotomy”
  • Want to be able to visualize the anatomical structures you need to have in mind when performing a cric? Want to hear it in a smooth Irish accent? No worries, there’s FOAMed for that.

51: 📑 (30 Minutes): Tintinalli’s Chapter 246 “Neck and Upper Airway” (8th Edition: Pages 1613-1619)

52. 🔊 (30 Minutes): EMCrit – “Management of Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy Emergencies” Website. and iTunes
  • Who better to walk you through these emergencies than Dr. Weingart who has seen them firsthand?

53. 🗞 (150 Minutes): EBMedicine “An Evidence Based Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of Pharyngitis in Children”
  • Sore throat in a kid? Here’s a walk through of management.





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54.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EPMonthly – “Managing the Tracheostomy Patient”
  • Is your patient bleeding from their trach? Is your sphincter tightening just thinking about this? Be prepared for trach complications with this helpful overview.

55. 🔊 (10 Minutes): EMCases – “Best Case Ever: Tracheo-innominate Fistula”.  Website. and iTunes.
  • Do you know what to do when a patient comes in with bleeding from their Trach? What’s the worst-case scenario? Listen to Dr. Scott Weingart as he talks about his own best/worst case ever as well as management steps if you find yourself in the same situation. (Be sure to take a look at the actual website for a ridiculous video of a repair of this situation!)

56: 📑 (20 Minutes): Tintinalli’s Chapter 247 “Complications of Airway Devices” (8th Edition: Pages 1619-1624)

57. 🔊 (25 Minutes): Taming The SRU- “Troublesome Tracheostomies”.  Website. and iTunes.
  • Bleeding trach? Trach that’s fallen out? What is an emergency and what is easily fixed?




Some Rebels Defy Categorization:


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 58. 📽 (10 Minutes): EMRAP:HD Procedure videos
  • EMRAP has really stepped up their video game this year. The quality of these procedure videos is everything you wanted but thought didn’t exist. Watch these 2 HEENT procedure videos for credit.
  • Lateral Canthotomy
  • Auricular Block

59 🗞 (10 Minutes): EMDocs Ear, Nose, and Throat Foreign Bodies”
  • Oh the things you will find in Pediatric ears, noses, and throats… pebbles….screws….roaches. Do you have an approach to extricating a wide range of crazy objects that end up in these orifices? Pick up a few new approaches over at EMDocs!

 60. 🗞 (10 Minutes): ALiEM – Some sneaky “Tricks of the Trade” maneuvers

61. 📽 (25 Minutes): EMin5 – An HEENT Binge
  • Dental Fractures” Have someone coming in with a mouth full of broken teeth? Here’s a good guide to sounding like you know what you’re doing when you give OMFS a call.
  • “Hyphema” Blood in eye and not sure what to do? Here’s a quick and dirty guide to hyphema management
  • “Slit Lamp Anatomy”  No idea how to work that finicky slit lamp with all its knobs and switched? Let’s change that right now.
  • “Quincke’s Edema”  Muffled voice and airway difficulty in a patient, then you look in the throat and see a “grape”?!?! What is that?!?
  • “Pterygium vs. Pinguecula” No idea what either of these words mean? In less than 5 minutes that will be fixed!

62.  🔊 (25 Minutes):  CrackCast Episode #72 – “Otolaryngology”  Website. and  iTunes.
  • How about a Canadian walk-through of ears and noses with the CrackCast crew from CanadiEM? Figure out how to manage all those screaming pediatric kids (and adults!).

63. 🔊 (120 Minutes): EMCases – “ENT Emergencies Pearls, Pitfalls, Tips and Tricks” Website. and iTunes.
  • Prefer a power-house, case-based discussion on ENT Emergencies? The team over at EMCases put together this practical compendium.