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  1. Choose four hour’s worth of the below material.
  2. Put at least 12 pearls/pro-tips/factoids you learned into your House spreadsheet.

Due By: 02/04/18

Remember that your entries will be used for the competition questions, so make sure you know things the other House’s don’t!

  • Resources are sorted based on Tintinalli chapters then from shortest to longest credit. (AKA most ADD-friendly to least ADD-friendly!).
  • Times are derived from estimated reading/listening/viewing times rounded slightly upwards on average to account for comprehension time.
  • 🔊-Podcast        🗞-Blog        📽-Video       📑-Textbook

Last Update: 01/01/18

Author: Jon Smart



“Got No Feel… I Got No Rhythm…

I Just Keep Losing My Beat”

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1. 📽 (10 Minutes): Essentials of EM: “Trick of the Trade: SVT” Website.
  • Dr. Lin describes a way to push adenosine with a little bit less of the circus of the three-way-stop-cock.

2. 🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Rate Control in Atrial Fibrillation” Website. and iTunes.
  • Short and sweet core content for A-Fib and which medications are backed by the literature.


3. 📽 (10 Minutes): Essentials of EM: “How Do You Avoid A Clean Kill With Wide Complex Tachycardia?” Website.
  • Dr. Amal Mattu walks through pitfalls of how not to kill “REALLY” wide complex tachycardia patients.

4. 🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Simplified Approach to Tachydysrhythmias” Website. and iTunes.
  • Sort through all those fast heart rates, so your own rate can stay slow in the moment.


5. 🔊 (15 Minutes): Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine: “This is SVT and I’m Gonna REVERT It” Website. and iTunes.
  • The Modified Valsalva, is the evidence worth all the athletic maneuvers?


6. 🔊 (15 Minutes): CoreEM: “VFib and Pulseless VTach” Website. and iTunes.
  • Tips and tricks to managing VFib and Vtach along with critical core content.


7. 🗞 (15 Minutes): LifeintheFastLane: “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy” Website
  • “And the Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes that day….[and he went into a fatal dysrhythmia. The End.]”


8. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “Treatment of Refractory SVT: Pearls and Pitfalls” Website
  • When you’ve pulled out the whole SVT circus and still have no luck, have a few more tricks in your box.


9. 🔊 (20 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter” Website. and iTunes.
  • All the core content you wanted for A-Fib and A-Flutter in a core content package.


10. 🔊 (25 Minutes): REBEL:EM: “Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation” Website. and iTunes.
  • That stubborn V-Fib patient…..what should you do when the normal defibrillation just isn’t working?


11. 🔊 (40 Minutes): CRACKCast: “Dysrhythmias” Website. and iTunes.
  • A walk through Rosen’s core content approach to all the ways the heart can lose the beat.


12. 🗞 (40 Minutes): EMDocs: “Stable Monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia Management in the ED” Website
  • It’s VTACH….but it’s stable? But it’s VTACH…. that’s stable…. wut?


13. 🗞 (45 Minutes): EMDocs: “Ventricular Tachycardia Mimics” Website
  • We’ve got VTACH on the monitor! Or do you? What are some sneaky dysrhythmias that can look like VTACH and cause lots of trouble if you miss them?


14. 🔊 (60 Minutes): EMRAP: “C3-Bradycardia” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Want a comprehensive way to approach that scary looking, slow heart rate on the monitor? The EMRAP C3 team is all over it.


15. 🔊 (90 Minutes): EMRAP: “C3-Tachydysrhythmias” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Want a comprehensive way to approach that scary looking, slow heart rate fast heart rate on the monitor? The EMRAP C3 team is all over it.


16. 🔊 (90 Minutes): EMCases: “Atrial Fibrillation Controversies” Website. and iTunes.
  • Want to become a real A-Fib pro with all the fancy tips and tricks? This podcast is for you.


17: 📑 ( 140 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 18 “Cardiac Rhythm Disturbances”. (8th Edition: Pages 112-134)


18. 🗞 (140 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Atrial Fibrillation: Management Strategies in the Emergency Department” Website
  • An evidence based approach to get you back into rhythm




Pressors, Antiarrythmics, Antihypertensives:

“Zoom, Zoom, Zoom… Make My Heart Go Boom, Boom, Boom”

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19. 📽 (10 Minutes): Essential Of EM: “Peripheral Pressor Extravasation” Website.
  • Sometimes you need to start pressors before you can get to the central line, but what do you do if that peripheral IV infiltrates, spilling all that Norepinephrine goodness into their arm?


20. 🔊 (15 Minutes): EMRAP: “Do Pressors Matter?” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • How much of a difference is there for you patient if you let that MAP hang low?


21. 🔊 (20 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Vasopressors” Website. and iTunes.
  • Something new and something old, the FOAMCast duo is at it again with cutting edge FOAMed for pressors coupled with core content review.


22. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCrit: “Peripheral Vasopressor Infusions and Extravasation” Website. and iTunes.
  • A deep-dive into the research for Weingart’s approach that he went through briefly in the Essentials of EM video above.


23: 📑 ( 30 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 20 “Pharmacology of Vasopressors and Inotropes”. (8th Edition: Pages 143-)


24. 🔊 (50 Minutes): EMCrit: “Push-Dose Pressors Update” Website. and iTunes.
  • Be ready for when you need a pressor and you need it NOW.


25: 📑 ( 80 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 19 “Pharmacology of Antiarrhythmics and Antihypertensives ”. (8th Edition: Pages 135-143)


26. 🗞 (90 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Use of Vasoactive Agents in the Management of Circulatory Shock” Website
  • Blood pressure tanking? Peruse your pressor choices and know when to use each.



Shock, BLS, and ACLS:

“He’s Only Mostly Dead”

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27. 🗞 (10 Minutes): REBEL:EM “Beyond ACLS – POCUS in Cardiac Arrest” Website
  • A little Hocus POCUS to help bring the [mostly] dead back to life.


28. 🗞 (10 Minutes): NUEMBlog “Double Sequence Defibrillation for Vfib” Website
  • If a little electricity is good……


29. 🔊 (15 Minutes): EMRAP: “The Precordial Thump” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • The classic “Just hit them really hard in the chest” TV medicine maneuver. Is there any research on this?


30. 🔊 (15 Minutes): CoreEM: “Intubation in In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest” Website. and iTunes.
  • Airway, Breathing, Circulation… what if focusing on that first step actually might worsen patient outcomes?


31. 🔊 (20 Minutes): REBEL:EM : “Research From [2017] Resuscitation” Website. and iTunes.
  • 2017 was sort of a rough year. If you were otherwise occupied (Binging Stranger Things?) and want to know which practice-changing research you shouldn’t go into 2018 without, REBEL:EM has you covered.


32: 📑 ( 20 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 23 “Defibrillation and Cardioversion”. (8th Edition: Pages 157-160)


33. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “A Myth Revisited: Epinephrine for Cardiac Arrest” Website
  • The sky is blue. Water is wet. You give epinephrine in cardiac arrest… right?


34. 🗞 (20 Minutes): PULMCrit: “Top 10 Reasons to Stop Cooling to 33C” Website
  • Because honestly I’m lazy and cooling to 36 is way easier than 33. Also other (better) reasons in this PULMCrit article.


35. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCrit: “The New Intra-Arrest” Website. and iTunes.
  • Ace tips for what to be considering during your next cardiac arrest.


36. 🔊 (25 Minutes): REBEL:EM: “The Death of Mechanical CPR?” Website. and iTunes.
  • Is that LUCAS or other mechanical CPR device worth it? Or is there unexpected harm? Take a Rebel led dive into the literature on this question.


37. 🔊 (30 Minutes): EMRAP: “What REALLY Works in Cardiac Arrest” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • We’ve got all the bells and whistles for cardiac arrest, but what actually is proven to do any good for the patient?


38. 🔊 (30 Minutes): EMCrit: “Cardiac Arrest Update” Website. and iTunes.
  • More EMCrit expertise on cardiac arrest management.


39. 🔊 (30 Minutes): CrackCast: “Shock in the ER” Website. and iTunes.
  • The CrackCast crew walks you through the Rosen’s chapter for all things shock.


40: 📑 ( 30 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 26 “Post-Cardiac Arrest Syndrome”. (8th Edition: Pages 174-176) 


41. 🔊 (35 Minutes): EMCrit: “Vasopressor Basics” Website. and iTunes.
  • Norepinephrine is swell and all, but there are a few other choices out there you can add to your toolbox!


42: 📑 ( 40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 11 “Sudden Cardiac Death”. (8th Edition: Pages 59-63)


43: 📑 ( 50 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 22 “Basic CPR”. (8th Edition: Pages 151-156)

44: 📑 ( 60 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 24 “Advanced Cardiac Life Support”. (8th Edition: Pages 160-167)


45: 📑 ( 60 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 12 “Approach to Shock”. (8th Edition: Pages 63-69)


46. 🗞 (120 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Acute Management and Long-Term Prevention” Website
  • Heart pumping = Good.                           Heart not pumping = Less good.



Access and Monitoring:

Line ‘Em up!

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 47🔊 (15 Minutes): EMCrit: “Microskills – Deliberate Practice” Website. and iTunes.
  • Dr. Weingart’s tips to take your central line skills to the next level.


48. 🔊 (10 Minutes): EMCrit: “Microskills – Dilation” Website. and iTunes.
  • Practice makes perfect…


49. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCrit: “Arterial Lines I” Website. and iTunes.
  • All things arterial line, tips and tricks with potential pitfalls.


50. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCrit: “Arterial Lines II” Website. and iTunes.
  •  If you were just thinking “I need more Art-Line in my life….”


51. 🔊 (35 Minutes): EMCrit: “Central Lines I – Avoiding Complications” Website. and iTunes.
  • All the ways your next central line can stay out of M&M review.


52. 🔊 (35 Minutes): EMCrit: “Central Lines II – Placement Tips” Website. and iTunes.
  • Even more line placement wisdom.


53: 📑 ( 50 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 31 “Vascular Access”. (8th Edition: Pages 198-209) 


54: 📑 ( 60 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 32 “Hemodynamic Monitoring”. (8th Edition: Pages 209-216) 


55. 🔊 (120 Minutes): EM Cases: “Central Lines, Surgical Airways, and Pericardiocentesis” Website. and iTunes.
  • Great discussion of some complicated and critical procedures.



Pacing and Pericardiocentesis:

Perilous Procedures 

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56. 📽 (5 Minutes): EMin5: “Pericardiocentesis” Website.
  • If you need a visual for the pericardiocentesis, this is a helpful simplified video.


57. 🔊 (10 Minutes): EMCases: “Best Case Ever: Pericardiocentesis” Website. and iTunes.
  • Terrified of what could go wrong with a pericardiocentesis? Hear about a case where those fears came true and an analysis of how to avoid complications from this rare procedure.


58. 🗞 (20 Minutes): ALiEM: “Ultrasound-Guided Pericardiocentesis” Website
  • Because we’re not barbarians, pull out that ultrasound to make sure you don’t hit any of the important stuff around that pericardial effusion.


59. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EM Curious: “Transvenous Pacing” Website
  • Because what’s more fun than putting in a line and then running electricity through it?


60. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EM Curious: “The Pericardiocentesis” Website
  • Poke the pericardial effusion, and nothing else. How hard could that be?


61. 🔊 (25 Minutes): FOAMCast: “The Pericardium” Website. and iTunes.
  • A mental walkthrough of approaches to the pericardiocentesis and potential complications as well as a core content review.


62. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMRAP: “Transvenous Pacemakers” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • A walk-through of when to pull the trigger to place that transvenous pacemaker.


63. 🔊 (25 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Bradycardias” Website. and iTunes.
  • A mental walkthrough of placing a transvenous pacer and potential complications as well as a core content review.


64: 📑 ( 40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 33 “Cardiac Pacing and Implanted Defibrillation”. (8th Edition: Pages 216-223) 


65: 📑 ( 40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 34 “Pericardiocentesis”. (8th Edition: Pages 223-229)