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  1. Choose four hour’s worth of the below material.
  2. Put at least 12 pearls/pro-tips/factoids you learned into your House spreadsheet.

Due By: 10/29/17

Remember that your entries will be used for the competition questions, so make sure you know things the other House’s don’t!

  • Resources are sorted based on Tintinalli chapters then from shortest to longest credit. (AKA most ADD-friendly to least ADD-friendly!).
  • Times are derived from estimated reading/listening/viewing times rounded slightly upwards on average to account for comprehension time.
  • 🔊-Podcast        🗞-Blog        📽-Video       🗞-Blog/Article

Diabetes, DKA, HHS: Sweet and Sour

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1.  🗞 (5 Minutes): RebelEM: “Is There Any Benefit to an Initial Insulin Bolus in DKA?”
  • Hit ’em hard and fast? Is it worth adding on that insulin bolus to DKA?


2.  🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Aggressive Resuscitation of Diabetic Ketoacidosis” Website. and iTunes.
  • DKA is our bread and butter, make sure you know this management forwards and backwards.


3.  🗞 (10 Minutes): PedEMMorsels: “Cerebral Edema and Diabetic Ketoacidosis”
  • Are you resuscitating your pediatric patients like tiny adults? Maybe we need to change that…


4: 📑 (15 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 226 “Alcoholic Ketoacidosis”. (8th Edition: Pages 1464-1465)


5.  🗞 (15 Minutes): EM Lyceum: “DKA: Answers”
  • Been feeling like some of your DKA management might just be dogma passed down? Find out some ways to fine tune your management over at EM Lyceum.


6.  🗞 (15 Minutes): PulmCrit: “Four DKA Pearls”
  • Been needing an evidence based analysis of the finer details of DKA management? Here’s the article you’ve been waiting for.


7.  🔊 (20 Minutes): EMCases: “Best Case Ever: Euglycemic DKA” Website. and iTunes.
  • Euglycemic DKA. Is that even a real thing?


8: 📑 (25 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 227 “Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State”. (8th Edition: Pages 1466- 1469)


9.  🗞 (25 Minutes): PulmCrit: “Blood Case Measurements in DKA: Are We Searching for a Unicorn”
  • ABG? VBG? What do they add to your management?


10.  📽 (30 Minutes): EMRap Live: “Pediatric DKA Guidelines” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • Little kids (or big kids…) in DKA? Same as adults, right? Maybe not…


11.  🔊 (30 Minutes): EMCrit: “Insulin Pumps and Such” Website. and iTunes.
  • Insulin pump beeping and causing trouble? What do you even do with that?


12.  🔊 (30 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Hyperglycemia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Pt’s blood basically maple syrup? We can fix that, eh?


13.  🗞 (30 Minutes): PulmCrit: “Dominating the Acidosis in DKA”
  • Your DKA patient have a pH that makes your sphinter tighten? You should just bolus bicarb and admit to MICU, right? Hold up a minute…


14: 📑 (40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 223 “Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus”. (8th Edition: Pages 1441-1445)


15: 📑 (70 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 225 “Diabetic Ketoacidosis”. (8th Edition: Pages 1457-1464)


16.  🗞 (90 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Acute Hyperglycemic Crisis in the Pediatric Patient”
  • Pediatrics, they can be sweet, but here’s how you manage them when all that sweetness turns sour.


17.  🗞 (100 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Diabetic Emergencies: New Strategies for an Old Disease”
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about treating diabetic emergencies in one article.


18: 📑 (110 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 224 “Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus”. (8th Edition: Pages 1445- 1457)



These Are Not the Thyroids You’re Looking For

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19.  🗞 (10 Minutes): CanadiEM: “Spot the Diagnosis! The Case of the Pale Woman”
  • How are your powers of observation? Test them out and make a visual diagnosis with a case explanation here.


20.  🗞 (10 Minutes): ALiEM: “Thyroid Storm: Treatment Strategies”
  • Need help weathering the storm? ALiEM has you covered with a step by step management plan.


21.  🔊 (15 Minutes): CoreEM: “Severe Decompensated Hyperthyroidism” Website. and iTunes.
  • Want a walk through of the treatment for your next hyperthyroid patient who is storming? Want it while getting a run or commuting to work? There’s a podcast for that.


22.  🔊 (15 Minutes): EMBasic: “Thyroid Emergencies” Website. and iTunes.
  • Want the basics of when the thyroid just can’t get itself together? Steve Carroll lays the groundwork for you.


23.  🔊 (20 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Thyroid” Website. and iTunes.
  • Just can’t get enough of the FOAMCast duo? Or need more thyroid core content in your life? Here’s the podcast episode for you!


24: 📑 (25 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 228 “Hypothyroidism”. (8th Edition: Pages 1469-1472)


25.  🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCrit: “Thyroid Storm” Website. and iTunes.
  • Seriously though, there aren’t many cooler names for conditions in medicine than “Thyroid Storm”.


26.  🔊 (35 Minutes): EMRap: “Severe Hypothyroidism” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • All you can remember from Med school about hypothyroidism is that they get cold all the time and gain weight? You’re going to need a little bit more than that. Let EMRAP help you out.


27: 📑 (45 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 229 “Hyperthyroidism”. (8th Edition: Pages 1472-1479)


28.  🗞 (120 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Identifying and Treating Thyroid Storm and Myxedema Coma in the Emergency Department”
  • Want an evidence based, comprehensive article for all your tedious thyroid troubles?




Adrenal Gland 

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29.  🗞 (10 Minutes): LifeinTheFastLane: “Weak and Vomiting: An Endocrine Emergency”
  • All little kids throw up, right? Totally normal. Definitely gastroenteritis. Or is it?


30: 📑 (20 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 230 “Adrenal Insufficiency”. (8th Edition: Pages 1479-1482)


31.  🔊 (30 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Recognizing and Managing Adrenal Disorders in the Emergency Department” Website. and iTunes.
  • Anxiety about adrenals always alarming you? Let’s change that knowledge gap weakens into your strength today.




Fluids and Electrolytes: So. Salty.

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32.  🔊 (15 Minutes): CoreEM: “Hypokalemia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Just like friends, we’ve got potassiums in high places and potassiums in low places. Be ready for that low potassium with some help from CoreEM.


33.  🔊 (15 Minutes): CoreEM: “Hyponatremia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Low sodium? Just bolus some hypertonics and make the numbers look better, yeah? Hold up a minute and let CoreEM set you straight.


34.  🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “Updates in Management of Hyperkalemia”
  • We’ve known how to treat Hyperkalemia for decades. Has anything changed since M*A*S*H* was on the air?


35.  🔊 (25 Minutes): EMCrit: “A Better Management Strategy for Symptomatic Hyponatremia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Pt seizing in front of you and the sodium comes back at 110? What do you do?


36.  🔊 (25 Minutes): EMBasic: “Hyponatremia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Need an overview of the management and missteps of hyponatremia management basics?


37.  🔊 (25 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Acid-Base and Hyponatremia” Website. ( iTunes no longer available. Listen here.)
  • Westafer and Faust start with a discussion about fluid choices and then dive into some hyponatremia core content.


38.  🔊  (25 Minutes): EMRap: “Exercise Induced Hyponatremia” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • Gearing up for your next marathon? Working a sports event soon? Or maybe you have that one family member who actually does that whole “exercise” thing? Get ready for some electrolyte excitement over at EMRAP.


  39.  🗞 (30 Minutes): PulmCrit: “Three Myths About Plasmalyte, Normosol, and LR”
  • “Normosol is just a brand name for Normal Saline, right?” is a question I’ve been asked before. Let’s talk about the differences in fluid choices.


40.  🗞 (30 Minutes): PulmCrit: “Emergent Treatment of Hyponatremia or Elevated ICP with Bicarb Ampules”
  • Want an exhaustive, in-depth article on how to use bicarb for hyponatremia treatment?


41.  🗞 (30 Minutes): PulmCrit: “Taking Control of Severe Hyponatremia with DDAVP”
  • DDAVP? Want to get fancy with your Hyponatremia treatment?


42.  🔊 (75 Minutes): EMCases: “Emergency Management of Hyponatremia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Sodium of 100? What do you even do with that?!?


43.  🔊 (75 Minutes): EMCrit: “Hypernatremia” Website. and iTunes.
  • Hypernatremia, is it just Hyponatremia’s less exciting cousin?


44.  🗞 (100 Minutes): EBMedicine: “Sodium Disorders in the Emergency Department: A Review of Hypernatremia and Hyponatremia”
  • Everything you wanted to know about how sodium can go so, so wrong.


45: 📑 (130 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 17 “Fluids and Electrolytes”. (8th Edition: Pages 92-112)




Ethics of Resuscitation

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46: 📑 (15 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 27 “Ethical Issues of Resuscitation”. (8th Edition: Pages 176-178)


  47.  🔊 (25 Minutes): SMACC: “When to STOP Resuscitation” Website. and iTunes.
  • How far is too far? When do you do everything possible and when do you try to do no harm?


48.  🗞 (10 Minutes): CanadiEM: “An Approach to Palliative Care in The ED”
  • Wondering when to start considering palliative care? What exactly is palliative and when is it appropriate?


49. 🔊   (20 Minutes): SMACC: “What is a Good Death?” Website. and iTunes.
  •  What do your patients actually value when facing death, hospitalization, or debilitating illness? Dr. Ashley Shreves walks through the evidence available on what pt’s care about most. (Spoiler: “Being Kept Clean” was one of the most valued items)


50.  🗞 (30 Minutes): EMDocs: “Palliative Care in the Emergency Department: A Practical Overview of Why and How”
  •  Not sure when to start bringing up the topic of palliative care? Is that even in the EM doc’s scope of practice? Let EMDocs walk you through the basics.


51.  📽 (30 Minutes): SMACC: “Why We Need Palliative Care Everywhere.” Website. and iTunes.
  •  Dr. Ashley Shreves an expert in palliative care walks through a critical case that affected her deeply and shares some of the challenges and pitfalls she learned from that patient.


52.  🔊 (35 Minutes): EMRap: “Notes From the Community: Palliative Care” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • Some great points for interacting with the patient and family when everyone involved might not have the same goals of care.


53: 📑 (40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 300 “Death Notification and Advance Directive”. (8th Edition: Pages 2017-2020)


54.   🔊 (45 Minutes): EMCrit: “The Semantics of End of Life Discussion” Website and iTunes.
  • Dr. Weingart and Dr. Shreves walk you through how (and when!) to have the difficult end of life discussion with an great example of how to phrase the conversation.


55: 📑 (45 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 299 “Palliative Care”. (8th Edition: Pages 2013-2017)


56.   🔊 (75 Minutes): EMCases: “End of Life Care in the Emergency Department”.     Website and iTunes.
  • An all inclusive overview to aspects of care when you start to wonder if you’re doing more harm than good.




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57: 📑 (35 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 21 “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”. (8th Edition: Pages 146-150)



Sexual Assualt

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58.  🔊 (20 Minutes): Crack Cast: “Sexual Assault” Website. and iTunes.
  • Sexual assault is a topic that makes everyone’s stomach turn, be ready to know how to handle these situations and the victims with this guide through the chapter in Rosen’s.


59.  🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “Managing Sexual Assault in the Emergency Department”
  • No idea what a SANE exam is? Who can do it? Do you need to treat anything prophylactically?


60.  🗞 (90 Minutes): EB Medicine: “Sexual Assault: Medical and Legal Implications of The Emergency Care of Adult Victims”
  • Evidence based article on the best management plans for these patients.


61: 📑 (25 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 294 “Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse”. (8th Edition: Pages 1988-1991)


 62.  🔊 (20 Minutes): Crack Cast: “Intimate Partner Violence” Website. and iTunes.
  • Suspect abuse of an adult by their partner? What do you do? Do you report that?


63: 📑 (55 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 293 “Female and Male Sexual Assault”. (8th Edition: Pages 1983-1988)



Special Populations

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64.  📽 (15 Minutes): Emergency Medicine Ireland: “Approach to the Injecting Drug User” 
  • IV drug using patients, what points of care are sharply unique to them?


 65.  🔊 (20 Minutes): Crack Cast: “Elder Abuse” Website. and iTunes.
  • Keep an eye out for the cute little old people who come through your department and remember that they are a vulnerable population similar to pediatrics.


66: 📑 (25 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 301 “Prison Medicine”. (8th Edition: Pages 2020-2022)


67: 📑 (35 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 295 “Abuse of the Elderly and Impaired”. (8th Edition: Pages 1991-1995)


68: 📑 (45 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 296 “Injection Drug Users”. (8th Edition: Pages 1997-2002)


  69: 📑 (60 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 297 “The Transplant Patient”. (8th Edition: Pages 2002-2010)


70: 📑 (75 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 302 “Military Medicine”. (8th Edition: Pages 2023-2030)



Morbidly Obese Patients

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71.  🗞 (5 Minutes): PedEMMorsels: “Pediatric Obesity”
  • Fluffy kids? What’s special about their management?


72.  🔊 (5 Minutes): EMRap: “IO Lines: Size Matters” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • Pt has thighs that are larger than your abdomen? Can you still IO?


73: 📑 (20 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 298 “The Patient with Morbid Obesity”. (8th Edition: Pages 2010-2013)


74.  🔊 (20 Minutes): EMRap: “The Critically Ill Obese Patient” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • Some of our patients are a bit fluffier than others, what do you need to consider when they decide to have an emergency?


75.  🔊 (70 Minutes): Emergency Medicine Cases: “Obesity Emergency Management” Website. and iTunes.
  • All about the obese patient and where you normal management needs to be changed.



Legal Issues in Medicine

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76.  🔊 (25 Minutes): EMRap: “Medical Legal 101: Insurance” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • Have a horrible case? Worried you might be sued? How does malpractice insurance even work?


77.  🔊 (25 Minutes): EMRap: “Getting Sued is No Fun” Website.  (Will Require Your EMRap Login)
  • What does it feel like to be sued? Should you let it change your practice? Let Rob Orman walk you through the experience and how it can affect you.


78.  🔊 (25 Minutes): Crack Cast: “Forensic Emergencies” Website. and iTunes.
  • You’ve seen NCIS, CSI, and every other crime show on tv, what else do you need? Maybe a guide through this Rosen’s chapter will help a bit.


79: 📑 (130 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 303 “Legal Issues in Emergency Medicine”. (8th Edition: Pages 2030-2041)