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  2. Put at least 12 pearls/pro-tips/factoids you learned into your House spreadsheet.
Due By: 07/01/18
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  • Resources are sorted based on Tintinalli chapters then from shortest to longest credit. (AKA most ADD-friendly to least ADD-friendly!).
  • Times are derived from estimated reading/listening/viewing times rounded slightly upwards on average to account for comprehension time.
  • 🔊-Podcast        🗞-Blog        📽-Video       📑-Textbook

General Genitourinary Gestalt

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1. 🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM “Renal and GU Emergencies” Website. and iTunes.
  • What are those high-yield renal and genitourinary diagnoses that you can’t miss?


2. 🔊 (35 Minutes): CrackCast: “Urologic Disorders” Website. and iTunes.
  • Stones, UTI’s, prostatitis, and more! The CrackCast team guides you through this Rosen’s chapter painlessly.


3. 🔊 (35 Minutes): CrackCast: “Genitourinary and Renal Tract Disorders” Website. and iTunes.
  • Phimosis vs. Paraphimosis? UTI’s? Glomerulonephritis? Circumcision complications? All these and more from this chapter is Rosen’s.




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4. 🗞 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Acute Kidney Injury is not Associated with IV Contrast Use in the ED” Website
  • What does the literature show about contrast and acute kidney injury?


5. 🗞 (10 Minutes): RebelEM: “Urinary Retention: Rapid Drainage or Gradual Drainage to Avoid Complications?” Website
  • Does it make a difference if you drain that painfully distended bladder quickly or slowly? What does the literature show?


6. 🗞 (10 Minutes): Rebel EM: “Contrast Induced Nephropathy: Fact or Myth” Website
  • To scan or not to scan with an elevated creatinine…


7. 🗞 (15 Minutes): CanadiEM: “The Case of the Woman and the Flask” Website
  • Using an interesting and artistic twist as a lead-in, the CanadiEM team takes you through glomerulonephritis.


8. 🔊 (15 Minutes): EMJClub Podcast “Contrast Induced Nephropathy: Myth or Monster” Website. and iTunes.
  • Seems like every shift you have a patient who needs a CT scan with contrast… but their creatinine is bumped…. will that contrast demolish those poor little nephrons? What does the evidence show?


9. 🔊 (15 Minutes): Emergency Medicine Cases: “Best Case Ever: Management of Acute Renal Failure with Volume Overload” Website. and iTunes.
  • What to do when the sick acute renal failure patient rolls in to your ED.


10. 🔊 (20 Minutes): EMRAP: “The Hypotensive Dialysis Patient” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • What to do when your dialysis patient comes in hypotensive and crumping…


11. 🗞 (20 Minutes): PulmCrit: “BRASH Syndrome” Website
  • When simple AKI’s go wild with AV-Blockers and hyperkalemia.


12. 🔊 (20 Minutes): Intensive Care Network: “Go With the Flow: How to Avoid Crashing (The Filter)” Website. and iTunes.
  • You started that patient on emergent dialysis in the ED. All the ICU beds are full and now they’re boarding with you. And the dialysis circuit is acting…. strangely. How do you troubleshoot this? (Note: This leans heavily more towards ICU than EM, but still a great listen.)


13. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “The Dialysis Patient: Managing Fistula Complications in the ED” Website
  • What’s your plan for the bleeding fistula? The clotted fistula? Hint:


14. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “The Sick ESRD Patient” Website
  • A brief overview of the complications you might see in your end-stage renal disease patients.


15. 🔊 (25 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Acute Kidney Injury” Website. and iTunes.
  • Kicking off with FOAMed on renal resuscitation literature, the FOAMcast duo then dive into high-yield renal core content.


16. 🔊 (30 Minutes): CrackCast: “Renal Failure” Website. and iTunes.
  • What should you be watching for in renal failure patients according to Rosen’s?


17: 📑 ( 45 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 88 “Acute Kidney Injury”. (8th Edition: Pages 575-581)


18: 📑 ( 60 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 90 “End-Stage Renal Disease”. (8th Edition: Pages 584-589)


19. 🔊 (75 Minutes): Post Contrast Acute Kidney Injury: “Emergency Medicine Cases” Website. and iTunes.
  • Ready for a deep dive into the literature supporting/debunking contrast induced nephropathy? Our friends in Canada and Lauren Westafer of FOAMCast have a fantastic discussion on the strengths and weakness of the current literature.



The Smell of UTI’s in the Morning…

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20. 🗞 (10 Minutes): NUEMBlog: “Purple Urine Bag Syndrome” Website
  • Is your patient peeing purple? How does that even happen?


21. 🗞 (10 Minutes): ALiEM: “Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection in Older Adults: Diagnosis and Treatment (Part 1)” Website
  • Diagnosis of simple UTI’s in our older population


22. 🗞 (10 Minutes): ALiEM: “Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection in Older Adults: Diagnosis and Treatment (Part 2)” Website
  • Treatment of simple UTI’s in our older population


23. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “Pyelonephritis: It’s Not Always So Straightforward” Website
  • What are the differences between simple and complicated pyelonepritis? How does that change what you do in the ED?


24. 🔊 (30 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Urinary Tract Infections” Website. and iTunes.
  • Core content review over UTI’s.


25. 🗞 (50 Minutes): First10EM: “UTI: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know” Website
  • Starting with simple UTI’s and delving to pyelo and male UTI’s, this is straight-forward and practical article that looks at the evidence for managing UTI’s.


26. 🔊 (60 Minutes): Pediatric Emergency Playbook: “Urine Trouble” Website. and iTunes.
  • That kiddo with a fever… do you have to spend half your life waiting for urine? Should you cath them? Do you even need that UA?


27: 📑 ( 70 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 91 “Urinary Tract Infections and Hematuria”. (8th Edition: Pages 589-596)


28. 🔊 (100 Minutes): Emergency Medicine Cases: “UTI Myths and Misconceptions” Website. and iTunes.
  • Take your style points for diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections to the next level.




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29. 🔊 (20 Minutes): CrackCast: “Rhabdomyolysis” Website. and iTunes.
  • Have rampant Rhabdo? Here’s Rosen’s chapter presented by the CrackCast team on how to diagnosis and manage Rhabdo with finesse.


30. 🔊 (25 Minutes): FOAMCast: “Lithium Toxicity and Rhabdomyolysis” Website. and iTunes.
  • The FOAMCast duo leads off with an overview of FOAMed with lithium toxicity and dialysis indications, then heads into the core content for how to manage rhabdomyolysis.


31. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMRAP: “Rhabdomyolysis: Part 1” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • How do you diagnose and treat rhabdomyolysis?


32. 🔊 (15 Minutes): EMRAP: “Rhabdomyolysis: Part 2” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Now that you’ve already diagnoses and treated rhabdomyolysis, what next?


33: 📑 ( 30 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 89 “Rhabdomyolysis”. (8th Edition: Pages 581-584)




Stoned: Nephrolithiasis

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34. 🗞 (10 Minutes): RebelEM: “IV Lidocaine for Renal Colic: Another Opioid Sparing Option?” Website
  • A close-up look at the literature for IV lidocaine and renal colic.


35. 🗞 (15 Minutes): ALiEM: “Top 10 Reasons NOT to Order a CT Scan for Suspected Renal Colic” Website
  • Does every suspected kidney stone need a CT? What should sway you towards or away from radiating your patient?


36. 🔊 (25 Minutes): The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine: “Here I Go Again: Kidney Stone” Website. and iTunes.
  • Is Tamsulosin effective for speeding up kidney stone passage?


37. 🔊 (25 Minutes): The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine: “Lidocaine for Renal Colic” Website. and iTunes.
  • IV lidocaine for renal colic is a pretty new trend, but does the evidence pan out for routinely using this opiate-limiting option?


38. 🗞 (30 Minutes): Emergency Medicine Cases: “Renal Colic Imaging, Analgesia, Fluids, and Medical Expulsive Therapy” Website
  • Does every suspected kidney stone get a CT? Tamsulosin? Fluids? Morphine or Toradol? What does the evidence show?


39. 🔊 (30 Minutes): ALiEM: “Renal Colic and Pulmonary EMbolism CT: Reducing Imaging – ACEP E-QUAL Network Podcast” Website. and iTunes.
  • Which kidney stone does the evidence support getting a CT for? (Note: First 15 minutes in renal colic, second half is imaging for pulmonary embolism)


40. 🗞 (40 Minutes): EMDocs: “Renal Colic Mimics: Differential Diagnosis and Approach to Management” Website
  • What are the “Big Bad” things you don’t want to discharge home with a diagnosis of “Nephrolithiasis” on the chart?


41: 📑 ( 40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 94 “Urologic Stone Disease”. (8th Edition: Pages 609-613)



Male Anatomy in Agony

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42. 🔊 (5 Minutes): EMRAP: “Penis Vs. Zipper” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • We all know which side wins this fight…


43. 📽  (5 Minutes): EMRAP: “Paraphimosis Reduction” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Not sure what was missing from your life? It probably was a video of a reduction of paraphimosis!


44. 📽 (5 Minutes): EMin5: “Priapism” Website.
  • What goes up, must come down….


45. 🗞 (5 Minutes): ALiEM: “Trick of the Trade: Paraphimosis- Pour Some Sugar on Me” Website
  • There’s nothing sweeter than a MacGyver style trick of the trade.


46. 🗞 (5 Minutes): The Original Kings of County: “So Bored, I Broke A Hot Dog – Penis Fracture” Website
  • If you haven’t cringed in a while….


47. 🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Priapism” Website. and iTunes.
  • Up, Up, and Away!


48. 🗞 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Testicular Torsion” Website
  • Worth a read just to see the pictures….


49. 🔊 (10 Minutes): CoreEM: “Testicular Torsion” Website. and iTunes.
  • You spin me round, right round…


50. 🗞 (10 Minutes): Don’t Forget the Bubbles: “Penile Problems” Website
  • Problematic penises…


51. 🗞 (10 Minutes): Don’t Forget the Bubbles: “Testicular Trouble” Website
  • Scrotum and contents


52. 🗞 (10 Minutes): Don’t Forget the Bubbles: “Saving Balls 101: The Acute Scrotum” Website
  • Pediatric scrotal and testicular emergencies.


53. 🗞 (15 Minutes): NUEMBlog: “Priapism: The ED-Focused Approach” Website
  • Making priapism jokes is pretty hard, but I can do this for hours. #noregrets


54. 🔊 (20 Minutes): EMRAP: “Acute Prostatitis” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • What to do when the prostate is inflamed.


55. 🔊 (20 Minutes): EMRAP: “Testicular Torsion” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • What to do when the testicles get twisted around.


56. 🔊 (20 Minutes): St. Emlyn’s: “Foreskins: A PED Primer” Website. and iTunes.
  • What should you know about foreskins beforehand?


57. 🔊 (20 Minutes): EMRAP: “Male GU Issues” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • Overview of all the terrible ways that the male anatomy can go awry.


58. 🔊 (20 Minutes): The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine: “Twist and Shout: Testicular Torsion” Website. and iTunes.
  • A clinical score for testicular torsion? Is it ready for prime time yet?


59. 🔊 (20 Minutes): EMplify: “Emergency Management of Renal and Urogenital Trauma” Website. and iTunes.


60. 🔊 (35 Minutes): EMBasic: “Testicular Pain” Website. and iTunes.
  • Testy testicular core content.


61: 📑 ( 90 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 93 “Male Genital Problems”. (8th Edition: Pages 601-609)




Fooling around with Foleys

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62. 🗞 (15 Minutes): EMDocs: “Suprapubic Catheter Complications: Tips and Tricks” Website
  • How to trouble-shoot the suprapubic catheter.


63. 🗞 (15 Minutes): EMDocs: “Foley Catheter Patients” Website
  • What to do when you suspect a patient with a foley may have a UTI.


64. 🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “Acute Urinary Retention” Website
  • Your patient can’t pee? That’s going to be a problem sooner rather than later. EMDocs has an overview of what causes you should investigate and how to manage these patient’s in the ED.


65. 🔊 (25 Minutes): EMRAP: “The Challenging Foley” Website(Will Require Your EMRAP Login)
  • How to trouble-shoot placing the difficult to pass foley.


66: 📑 ( 30 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 92 “Acute Urinary Retention”. (8th Edition: Pages 597-601)


67: 📑 ( 50 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 95 “Complications of Urologic Procedures and Devices”. (8th Edition: Pages 613-618)