From another Residency and interested in using our House Asynchronous curriculum? Here’s our process every month.



Step 1:

  • Edit the Google Sheet template for your residents. We have 3 separate Houses that our residents are sorted into. Each resident writes 12 learning points from their chosen Asynchronous material into a House google spreadsheet every month. 3 learning points for each hour of Asynchronous material.



Step 2:

  • Email out the link to your residents for: Asynchronous choices and their House or  team’s Google spreadsheet.

Step 3:

  • Send out a mid-monthly reminder. We offer bonus points for the first House to finish their sheet and email the Asynchronous director. Negative points are given for each House’ participate who has not finished by the deadline. Both methods encourage team building and for residents to actually finish the month’s material.

Step 4:

  • Prepare for an end-of-month competition. We use the learning points gathered by our residents each month and create a trivia competition. (Currently we’re experimenting with multiple formats to see which is most effective in terms of learning and fun).


  • Each month we will upload our trivia Powerpoints to the Synchronized subsection of each block, feel free to use and adapt it however you wish. (We’d really appreciate a tweet or a shout out though!).

Step 5:

  • Hype your monthly competition. Our residents get pretty heated up and excited over bragging rights for each month. Getting staff involved and cheering on their resident House or team makes it more fun for everyone.


  • We have each month be won by one House, then begin with a clean slate for the next month. At the end of each year the residency House with the most months won will win the year.