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To receive credit:

  1. Choose four hour’s worth of the below material.
  2. Put at least 12 pearls/pro-tips/factoids you learned into your House spreadsheet.


Remember that your entries will be used for the competition questions, so make sure you know things the other House’s don’t!

  • Resources are sorted from shortest to longest credit. (AKA most ADD-friendly to least ADD-friendly!).
  • Times are derived from estimated reading/listening/viewing times rounded slightly upwards on average to account for comprehension time.
Author: Jon Smart
Updated: November 2017
  • 🔊-Podcast        🗞-Blog        📽-Video       🗞-Blog/Article    🚀Peak Performance Bonus


Anemia: Dracula’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

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1.  🗞 (15 Minutes): EMDocs: Platelets Plights


2: 📑 ( 30 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 231-232 “Anemia and Tests of Hemostasis”. (8th Edition: Pages 1483-1491)


 3🔊 (35 Minutes): CrackCast: “Anemia, Polycythemia, and White Blood Cell Disorders” Website. and iTunes.
  • A walk through Rosen’s chapter on all the way red’s and white’s can go wrong. Your choice of red or white wine to pair with this chapter.





Bleeding Disorders: A Bloody Mess

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4. 🔊  (10 Minutes): EMCases: “Best Case Ever: Sickle Cell Acute Chest Syndrome”
  • I’m always afraid of missing a sickle cell pain episode being something more sinister. Here’s a great example of how easily that can happen. (Just in case you were going to sleep too easily at night)  iTunes


5.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EMDocs: “DIC in the ED: What Can You Do About It?”
  • DIC. I will refrain from making any DIC jokes. I’m classy that way. You’re welcome. Now go learn how to make your patient clot correctly again.


6.  🗞 (10 Minutes): ALiEM: Bleeding and Hemophilia (and a TXA tip!)


7. 🔊  (10 Minutes): EMCases: “Best Case Ever: TTP”
  • What does TTP even look like when it rolls in? AMS? Sepsis? Healthy and normal?  iTunes


8.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EMDocs: “Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT): An ED-Focused Review of the Literature”
  • HIT me baby one more time? Not after you read this EMDocs article!


9.  🗞 (10 Minutes): RebelEM: “Hemophilia: What’s So Bloody Funny?”
  • Hemophilia head-butting competition in town? Let the RebelEM guide you through the hemophiliac management.


10. 🔊  (20 Minutes): EMRAP: “Sickle Cell Crisis: A How To Guide”  (Will require your EMRAP login)
  • Sickle Cell. There are a lot of Sickle Cell Resources this month. This is a great pick if you want a straight-forward guide to what you need to do when you pick up that Sickle Cell chart.


11.  🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs: “The Sickle Cell Patient: ED Management of Acute Complications”
  •  Don’t let “another sickle cell pain episode” catch you off guard, be watching for sickler complications.


12. 🔊 (25 Minutes): CrackCast: “Disorders of Hemostasis” Website. and iTunes.
  • Rosen’s Chapter with the Crack Cast Crew on all the way blood can fail at clotting.


13.  🗞 (25 Minutes): EMDocs: “Hemolytic Anemias”
  • pRBC’s popping and leaving shistocytes all around? Figure out why at EMDocs.


14.  🗞 (25 Minutes): EMDocs: Purple Platelet Panic! (I would so listen to that indie band…)


15. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMBasic: “Sickle Cell Anemia”
  • “Just another Sickle Cell pain crisis.”… or is it? iTunes


16: 📑 ( 50 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 233-234 “Acquired Bleeding Disorders and Clotting Disorders”. (8th Edition: Pages 1491-1500)


17.  🗞 (50 Minutes): PedEMMorsels, ALiEM, EMDocs: “Because Now We’ve Got Bad Blood…all sorts of bad blood!”


18. 🔊  (60 Minutes): EMCases: “Emergency Management of Sickle Cell Disease”
  • Not sure about the mechanism of acute chest syndrome? How do you manage it? What other sickle cell problems should you be watching out for? What if their sickle trait? Or SC?   iTunes


19: 📑 ( 70 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 235-236 “Hemophilia’s and Von Willebrand’s Disease, Sickle Cell, Hereditary Hemolytic Anemia.”. (8th Edition: Pages 1500-1512)


20. 🔊  (80 Minutes): PEMED: “Hemophilia Emergencies”
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about managing hemophilia. With input from a hematologist, a Ped EM doc, and and EMS mother of hemophiliac children. Dream team! iTunes





Bad Blood: Transfusion Reactions and More

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21.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EMDocs  – “Severe Transfusion Reactions and Their ED-focused Management”
  • Disillusioned by your patient’s mal-perfusion after a transfusion? Clear the confusion over at EMDocs!


22. 🔊  (25 Minutes): CrackCast – “Blood Products”
  • Need a guide to the complications of blood product transfusions? Both acute and delayed, here’s a great break-down of the potential problems with what’s basically a liquid organ transplant. (This is a great source for easy med-student teaching pearls  the next time you give blood products!) iTunes


23.  🗞 (30 Minutes): EMDocs – “RBC Transfusion in the ED”
  • To give blood or not to give blood, that is the question. Find out the answer over at EMDocs!


24. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMCrit – “Blood Bank Essentials”
  • Ever wonder what those blood bank folks say about you after they get all your blood product requests? Listen to Weingart get all the answers to the blood bank questions you didn’t know you had. iTunes


25: 📑 ( 65 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 237-238 “Acquired Hemolytic Anemia, Transfusion Therapy”. (8th Edition: Pages 1513-1524)


26. 🔊  (90 Minutes): EMCases – “Transfusions, Anticoagulants, and Bleeding”
  • Should you give blood products? What complications do you need to be watching for?   iTunes





Toolbox of Thromotics and Antithrombotics

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27. 🔊  (5 Minutes): EMRAP – “Does PCC Cause Clots?”  (Will require your EMRAP login)
  • PCC or FFP? Which is more dangerous for the patient on a Coumadin clotting spree?


28.   (20 Minutes): St. Emlyns – “Get the NOAC Knowhow”
  • Need an overview of the non-Coumadin anticoagulant minefield out there? Want it in a British accent? iTunes


29. 🔊  (20 Minutes): EMRAP – “Trauma Surgeons Gone Wild: PROPPR Trial”(Will require your EMRAP login)\
  • Should your patient just get blood? Platelets and and plasma too? In what ratios? Hear about the latest evidence over at EMRAP.


30. 🔊  (20 Minutes): EMRAP – “Topical Hemostatics”  (Will require your EMRAP login)
  • Bleeding is bad. Stopping bleeding… usually good. Find out all the mixtures and products you can use to stop bleeding as well as the subtle tricks to making them more effective.


31.  🗞 (20 Minutes): CanadiEM and RebelEM – DOAC’s
  • “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a [senior citizen] in possession of a good [blood thinner], must be in want of a [mechanical fall].”


32.  🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs – “Reversal of Anticoagulation in a True Emergency”
  • No “undo button” for a patient’s anticoagulation? Well that’s unfortunate.


33. 📽 (25 Minutes): EMCrit – “More on TXA”
  • The “TXA denier’s guide to life”. Very well-done and delightfully sarcastic SMACC talk on the evidence behind TXA in trauma.


34. 🔊  (25 Minutes): SGEM – “SGEM: Crash-2”
  • TXA. What’s the evidence for giving this in trauma? Is there mortality benefit? Let Ken Milne walk you through an evidence based review with a skeptical eye. iTunes


35.   (25 Minutes): EMCrit – “TXA, Crash 2, and Pragmatism”
  • Want to know the juicy data for why TXA is suddenly the most popular kid on the block in trauma? iTunes


36. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMCrit – “New Reversls for New Anticoagulants”
  • Confused by all of the anticoagulant agents out there? And which ones have reversal agents up and coming? Do those reversal agents even work? Listen to Weingart interview an expert on this topic iTunes


37. 🔊  (55 Minutes): EMCases – “DOAC’s: Bleeding and Reversal Agents”
  • Direct Oral Anticoagulation agents have you confused? Here’s you guide to all things DOAC.  iTunes


38: 📑 ( 65 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 239 “Thrombotics and Antithrombotics”. (8th Edition: Pages 1524-1534)


39. 🔊  (75 Minutes): EMCases – “DOAC’s Use and Misuse”
  • Direct Oral Anticoagulants driving you insane? Listen to a breakdown of everything you need to know about these agents from our Canadian friends at EMCases.  iTunes


40. 🔊  (105 Minutes): EMCases – “Anticoagulants, PCC, and Platelets”
  • Is your patient bleeding? Would you like for them to stop bleeding? Get your anticoagulant remedies game-plan together  iTunes






Malignancy Mayhem

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41.  🗞 (5 Minutes): EMDocs – “Tumor Lysis Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment”
  • Tumors dying is a good thing, right? Unless your patient’s tumor is super vindictive and tries to take them down too!


42. 🔊  (10 Minutes): EMCases –  “Best Case Ever: Oncologic Emergencies”
  • “Chronic Pain and Fatigue” = The quickest way to make an EM doc groan. But here’s an example of why you shouldn’t always be so quick to shut down your brain. iTunes


43.  🗞 (20 Minutes): Don’t Forget the Bubbles – “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (4 Parts)”
  • ALL about ALL. That is ALL.


44. 📽 (20 Minutes): EMin5  – A Heme-Onc Binge!


45.  🗞 (30 Minutes): EMDocs – Oncologic Emergencies. Two Parts.


46. 🔊  (35 Minutes): EMBasic – “Heme-Onc Part 1”
  • Cancer itself is bad enough, but it loves to cause all sorts of complications as well.  iTunes


47. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMBasic –  “Heme-Onc Part 2”
  • Cancer bad. Cancer complications worse. Not knowing about those complications? Not acceptable.  iTunes


48. 🔊 (40 Minutes): CrackCast: “Selected Oncologic Emergencies” Website. and iTunes.
  • Rosen’s chapter on what craziness can happen for cancer patients with your guides of the Crack Cast Crew.


49: 📑 ( 40 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 240 “Emergency Complications of Malignancy”. (8th Edition: Pages 1535-1541)


50. 🔊  (95 Minutes): EMCases –  “Oncologic Emergencies”
  • Because just slowly dying from cancer isn’t bad enough. Nope, cancer likes to try to kill the patient quickly sometimes too.  iTunes





Rheumatic Riddles

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51.  🗞 (10 Minutes): EMDocs – “Rheumatoid Arthritis: Management and Complications in the ED”
  • Rheumatoid arthitis… that’s like normal arthritis, just more with extra room, right?

52.  🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs – “Systemic Lupus Erythematous: Common Complications and EM Pearls”
  • Lupus. It’s always Lupus, so you should know everything about Lupus.


53.  🗞 (20 Minutes): EMDocs – “Approach to Patients with Sarcoidosis in the ED”
  • Sarcoidosis is something we usually just put in the medical history, but could it have something to do with why your pt is in the ED?


54. 🔊 (25 Minutes): CrackCast: “SLE and Vasculitides” Website. and iTunes.
  • You know everything about Lupus, right? And all the vasculitides that can happen? If you need a refresher, like me, the Crack Cast Crew has you covered.


55.  🗞 (35 Minutes): EMDocs – Transplant Emergencies. Two Parts.


56. 🔊 (40 Minutes): CrackCast: “Arthritis” Website. and iTunes.
  • Creaking and painful joints. Just getting older? Gout? Septic joint?






Allergies and their Maladies

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57.  🗞 (5 Minutes): CoreEM – “Anaphylaxis”
  • Are you a master of mast cell malfunction? Or do basophil basics and biphasics baffle you? Now you can make histamine hysterics history.


58.  🗞 (5 Minutes): CoreEM – “Emergency Management of Blast Crisis”
  • Is the first thing you think about when hearing “Blast Crisis” are rocket ships? 🚀🚀 Yeah, I know that problem, Houston. But if you want a refresher on what to do with these critical patient’s, the team at CoreEM has you covered.


59. 🔊  (10 Minutes): CoreEM – “Angioedema”
  •  Angioedema, it’s like anaphylaxis’ annoying distant cousin that likes to cause trouble. Be ready for its antics with some help from CoreEM. iTunes


60. 🔊  (20 Minutes): ERCast – “Angioedema”
  • There’s about 5 minutes of intro, but after that there’s angioedema practical management gold. Is it worth giving Icatibant? FFP? Steroids? A lucky rabbit’s foot? Just crying and hoping the patient’s airway will open back up? iTunes


61: 📑 ( 25 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 14 “Anaphylaxis, Allergies, and Angioedema”. (8th Edition: Pages 74-79)

62.  🗞 (25 Minutes): CoreEM and PulmCrit – Angioedema Anxiety


63. 🔊 (30 Minutes): CrackCast: “Allergy, Hypersensitivity, Angioedema, and Anaphylaxis” Website. and iTunes.
  • Rosen’s anaphylaxis and angioedema pearls served to you in podcast form by the Crack Cast Crew.


64. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMBasic –  “Anaphylaxis”
  • Are you a master of mast cell malfunction? Or do basophil basics and biphasics baffle you? Now you can make histamine hysterics history. iTunes


65. 🔊 (30 Minutes): FOAMCast –  “Back to Biphasics: Anaphylaxis”
  • Prefer to hear about anaphylaxis from the FOAMCast duo? Here’s your anaphylaxis with a side of “ya’ll”  iTunes


66. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMRAP – Anaphylaxis Antics. (Will require your EMRAP login)


67. 🔊  (40 Minutes): SGEM – “Should I Stay or Should I Go (Biphasic Anaphylactic Response”
  • When that anaphylactic patient comes in, how long do you need to watch them? How long should you advise them about potential “biphasic reactions”? What does the evidence say? Listening to Ken Milne walk you through the evidence will make you better at both this clinical problem as well as interpreting the literature in the future!  iTunes


68. 🔊  (55 Minutes): EMCases – “Anaphylaxis and Anaphylactic Shock”
  • Alarmed or annoyed by anaphylaxis? Here’s a great live EMCases giving you a great break-down of what to do when peanuts, eggs, or bumblebees try to murder your patient. iTunes






Chronic Pain: A Pain in the Neck. And The Back. And the Left, Big Toe…

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69. 🔊  (20 Minutes): CrackCast – “Pain Management”
  • I love this episode. Get a review on the mechanism of pain, its pathways, and some focused ways to treat acute and chronic pain. iTunes


70.  🗞 (20 Minutes): PulmCrit – “Reengineering the Analgesic Ladder for Critically Ill Patients”
  • What are your options for pain control in your sick pt’s?


71. 🔊  (25 Minutes): EMCast – “Chronic Pain: Part 1”
  • Are you suffering from chronic pain because of your chronic pain patients? Do you just toss the Di-la-la at the problem and hope it solves the problem until shift change? We need to be better than that. This discussion has some great ways to frame your conversation and patient expectations.  iTunes


72. 🔊  (25 Minutes): EMCast – “Chronic Pain: Part 2”
  • Love that part one of ERCast’s chronic pain episode? While the first part framed the situation and conversation, this second part guides you through how to use pain medications without making the chronic pain problem worse. iTunes 

73: 📑 ( 30 Minutes):  Tintinalli’s Chapter 38 “Chronic Pain”. (8th Edition: Pages 256-261)

74. 🔊  (30 Minutes): EMCrit – “Opioid Free ED”
  • On the bent of chronic-pain this month. What are you options for pain control in the ED? Just shove the Di-la-la on everyone? Or are there more elegant solutions to pain control? iTunes